High flexible WordPress website with Oxygen Builder

A slow WordPress website impacts search rankings, user experience, and conversion rates. We do completly custom, fast loading, good looking work

April 13, 2022
Oxygen is a powerful tool that allows us to create fast loading, dynamic and completely custom WordPress websites. It has features like build in CSS grid, advanced queries, standard HTML elements, conditions, style sheets, the class system and more. We as a professional web designers and developers make a proper use of this powerful tool.

Websites built with oxygen builder

Oxygen theme builder is completely different than every other page builder on the market because it disables the WordPress theme system replacing it with its own templating setup and component API.

Although you can other web developers use this tool to create simple or advanced websites, we, as an Web Design Agency, have been using this tool for the past few years to create specific WordPress corporate websites in the service-based niche.

We create completely dynamic website for local and national businesses or startups, with or without animation and motion design. Everything is packed with custom post types, custom fields which means it is tailored and customized to your requirements without any boundaries, plus it is client friendly.

Our web designer creates innovative, effective website that capture your brand identity and improve your user's first impressions, the web developer creates custom site optimized for SEO and mobile-friendly. We increase your website’s conversion rates via recordings, analytics, and more

Client satisfaction is always our number one priority. In addition to delivering the product itself, you will understand what it serves, how and where you can use it effectively, and what results you will achieve with the solutions offered. 

Completely custom Oxygen WordPress website

We design the website completely custom, from the ground up with wodpress page builder. This approach allows our clients to get exactly what they want in terms of visuals, branding, customizability, usability, and functionality. WordPress with oxygen builder directly impact SERPs, ROI and conversion. Our custom client sites are incredibly quick, built for speed from the start. Unlike others, we want our clients to be able to easily make changes and add pages/posts, the WordPress custom website we provide you is super easy to use. It's not our business model to trap you with a site that only developers can edit.

Website redesign to Oxygen page builder

If you have limited functionality on your current website that is build on a theme or slow page builder and you are considering to convert your entire website to work with Oxygen builder we will have to rebuild your website from scratch using our standard WordPress and oxygen builder practices

Your Website should support your ambition, don't limit your goals to the constraints of a theme.

Other freelancers using themes vs Webbona agency tailored website services

Sites that are built on pre-made themes:

  • Have a chance of losing developer support
  • Free themes are embedded with malicious code and encrypted links to spammy websites or malware.
  • Little control over customisation and lack a lot of the features
  • Zero scalability and future proofing
  • Can be extremely slow due to bloat ( poor coding )

Web design and develoment with Webbona on WordPress and Oxygen builder:

  • Unparalelled power with better performing website - Oxygen Builder is incredibly robust, and allows us to build (pretty much) whatever you want when it comes to your website
  • Flexibility, scalibilty, future proofing and long lasting websites with our best framework practices
  • Code cleanliness for easy management - decreased lines of code ensure fast loading times, easy indexation, and better results overall
  • The Oxygen builder is a trusted tool with customizability and deep features
  • No theme needed - we never use pre-built templates or themes, we keep it unique. Themes and templates place restrictions on your site that don’t complement our overall goal: to boost growth.
  • Developer-oriented capabilities with WordPress CMS as the foundation that allows us to create friendly editing for our clients
  • Fastest loading potential - sites that are build with Oxygen have the least bloat than any other site builders out there, making your website load fast to rank better on Google

Here’s what we can do for you

  • A crafted website strategy in the right direction as the first step to success
  • Small to medium business web design that makes your business sell online with credibility and brand awareness
  • Responsive design so you get the best browsing experience on any type of screen
  • Well-developed, user-friendly websites that help you get results
  • A solid website, extensively tested in different browsers
  • Beautiful brand identities that make your clients engage and trust you
  • A direct link with Google Analytics for simple monitoring
  • Ongoing Partner WordPress Administration


Speed Optimization

The biggest factor on speed optimization is your hosting, then the way the site is built. We keep everything lightweight, we reduce the plugins at bare minimum, set up for you Content Delivery Network (CDN), optimizing the images and fonts, and use website caching out of many other steps that help your speed optimization.

Future Proofing

We have chosen the right content management system, WordPress, we do evergreen content creation so it is relevant for lengthy periods of time but editable. We limit the coding aspect and set up the website so it is always scalable. We use reliable CSS framework. We prioritize user experience and speed of the website with simplified trendy clean code design over heavy animated websites.

Technical Execution

The website must have a great Information Architecture, from technical perspective we plan your website templates, pages, post types and taxanomies and custom fields with carefully created relationships between each of them. It is all set up based on the UX and sitemap structure for future proofing and scalability.


Our blueprint for development sites consist of WordPress and Oxygen Builder, then with combination of Oxyninja or Automatics.css utility CSS frameworks it gives us full control and make your website fast, lightweight and bloat free. If there are needed custom features we have a senior full-stack developer who is super knowledgeable to scale your business to required level.

SEO Copywriting

We do great local SEO copywriting. Location website  landing pages helps you target customers who are searching either from your location or for services within your business location. Copywriting is the hardest part of website developing, why? Because the writer must adjust to UX/UI, work with available keywords, make the content conversion optimized and create super unique content. On top of it, not everybody is knowledgeable in every single industry field of there. That is one of the reason why it is most expensive part of the web design and development. That's true!


With prototyping we validate the decisions made until this point. Prototypes go beyond wireframes and graphic representations (mockups). They’re more functional and will garner keener insights from real users than the previous two stages.

High Fidelity Design

High fidelity prototypes are the most realistic and could be mistaken for the final website. We build the prototype with Figma or on the demo website.

UI - User Interface

Our goal is to predict users’ needs, so they can enjoy more personalized experience, communicating website brand values and make it likeable, and increase the overall feel of the website design.

UX - User Experience

UX design is not easy to nail on the first try as it is ever changing as the users themselves. However we follow the core UX design principles: We put the users first, keeping thee websites consistent and keeping the language the same as the website audience background, and the typography and page hierarchy not too much over-complicated with now trendy animations.

Low Fidelity Design

Rough sketches to storyboarding and allow  us to make quick changes easily. Sometimes we overlap it with medium fidelity prototypes to make it more formal, but with no colors and styling defines only user interaction.


Here we define the basic structure and layout of your website. It helps us to visual the understanding of the website service early in the design process. Wireframing is a quick way to create the rough web design, it is easier to present multiple design ideas and update them on the spot and ask for your feedback. If we skip wireframes in the design process, it will become costly to make changes at the later stages of the design, for you.

SEO and Website Strategy

We can’t create a website strategy without understanding your keyword landscape. With the keyword research, we show you 3 things: Keyword Landscape - What you’re ranking on vs. your competitors. Keyword recommendations - What to target based on your organic traffic and competitor. On-page SEO recommendations - Optimize your top pages with the right keywords

Sitemap Structure

Establishing Proper Site Architecture From the Beginning is Critical. Google still needs to crawl the site. Even if you do everything right, google still relies on crawlers. And if they get stuck or confused, you lose. We plan proper structure first, it is clearly organized and have page clusters with non-overlapping topics, literal URLs, and a sensical hierarchy.

Business Discovery

Part of this service is extracting information on existing processes within your organization, it can be a very eye-opening experience that will likely uncover and helps you understand what gaps exist within your company and how you can improve them


WordPress is probably the most well-known website creation platform in the world. It is free and open-source content management system written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database. It is a non-hosting service, so you will need to purchase one separately as well as your domain name. WordPress is used by 43.2% of all websites on the internet in 2022