Oxygen Builder WordPress support

Our Partners have a premium WordPress support service option they can subscribe to, after their successful website launch with us.

April 13, 2022
Website must of course continue to function correctly when it is online. Therefore maintaining your website has several advantages, such speed, safety and up to date.

WordPress website management and support services

Yes, we build websites in WordPress with Oxygen Builder. We provide WordPress support services to the websites build with the same software.

Part of the website maintenance is ongoing professional speed optimization. Almost 60% of site visitors abandon if your website takes over 3 seconds to load. Increasing the speed of your existing website is one of the highest ROI digital investments you can make.

We offer this service only to our loyal partners/clients that we have already built website for. There are certain exceptions when we consider to support non-partner website such as your website must be build in WordPress or in WordPress + Oxygen Builder. Our Partners have a premium WordPress support service option they can subscribe to, after their successful website launch with us.

Ongoing Oxygen WordPress website maintenance services

Under this website administration we take care of all our clients WordPress headaches. In general view the WordPress website maintenance tasks consists of several services packed together into one maintenance support

  • Website edits service
  • Emergency 24/7 support service
  • Weekly updates service
  • Website backups service
  • Speed optimization service
  • CMS Security service

Unlimited WordPress support services, website edits, and troubleshooting

Very often occur to us that our clients decide to have a quick change, add new features or content. They don't need to stress about spending hours to get something working. This is the best what they can get from us as their request are almost always fulfilled within 1-4 hours.

Although, this service include huge amount of help from our developer, it is limited. Of course it is limited we can't fulfill requests such as new custom development of 100 pages with brand new optimize articles or developing plugins or new themes on their subdomains or updating graphic design or PSD to WordPress and other out of scope requests for 49€ a month. No that is not part of this service.

If you wish to have an overview on what is and what is not included, visit the pricing maintenance page. Depending on the request, we typically resolve larger query within 24-48 hours.

Little of what is included:

  • Bug fixes of non-working parts on your site
  • Fix dead and erroneous internal and external links
  • Preventing errors in the Google Search Console
  • Improving the speed of the different pages
  • Optimizing possible SPAM comments & WordPress revisions
  • Maintenance of the database

Emergency 24/7 WP tech support service for your Oxygen website

If you have something really urgent, our team is available for you on standby, only for emergencies. You will receive a priority support when your site goes down unexpectedly, many times a site-down issue or critical error can be caused by the server or hosting provider. If that’s the case and if we have an access and permission we will contact your host’s support team for you and work with them to resolve the issue. If it is because a conflict plugin we sort it out ourselves.

Weekly updates service

Every piece of software installed on your website must be regularly updated. This is why we use trusted tools and keep it updated on a regular basis. The more regular updates means less emergencies, however even if we have installed well-trusted and well-reviewed plugins the web and trends are always changing and the performance can degrade over time as software or code becomes outdated.

Website backups service

Prevention is better than cure, that applies more than anywhere else for websites. These days if clients have a proper hosting, the backups are made daily by their hosting providers, we do weekly backups as a precaution. Obviously it differs with e-commerce websites. In case the WordPress website goes offline, gets hijacked, or data gets corrupted or goes missing, human error - we can’t afford to start from scratch so we do backups, that copy of website is stored in an extra offsite location, separate from the server on which your website is already hosted. If something goes wrong on a server, you still have all the data.

Speed optimization service

Even after successful launch the work does not end there. Speed optimization is ongoing process, the websites we deliver are standard optimized. Further optimization takes place on this maintenance administration through hours of manual optimization where we achieve sites fast enough to have a significant positive impact on the websites we manage over the long-term.

While our goal is always to achieve loading times of under 2 second, we never make any plain promises when it comes to loading times of the websites we manage. Anybody who makes promises like this is simply trying to sell you on their services and get you to swipe your credit card sooner rather than later.

CMS Security service

We put in place certain techniques and best practices to have your website and your web data fully protected. Those are only standard procedures. More advanced security measures are for extra charge.

Google My Business monitor

We monitor the reviews of your company visible in Google and notify you in the event of negative scores.

Google Search Console monitor

Of course we also monitor your site within the Google Search Console. If necessary, we proactively solve problems

Of course, hosting is the basis for a well-functioning website . Without hosting, your site simply wouldn't be online. But to guarantee the proper functioning of your website, we continuously monitor the various aspects within your website .



We take care of the integration of your website with your google analytics, google ads, google search console and google my business ( if applicable ). You will receive full ownership and administration access on the launch of your site.

Technical Execution

The website must have a great Information Architecture, from technical perspective we plan your website templates, pages, post types and taxanomies and custom fields with carefully created relationships between each of them. It is all set up based on the UX and sitemap structure for future proofing and scalability.


WordPress is probably the most well-known website creation platform in the world. It is free and open-source content management system written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database. It is a non-hosting service, so you will need to purchase one separately as well as your domain name. WordPress is used by 43.2% of all websites on the internet in 2022