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White Label Graphic Design, Illustration

13th January, 2022
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White-labeling our services to our partners opened us up to a whole new world of opportunity, and it has mutual benefits for both parties! We got asked a question on several occasions whether we offer creative and art direction, 2D animation, graphic design, artwork and illustration services under a ‘white label’ Yes, we do. We refer to a situation where our product or service is provided to you and you then sell that product or service under your own brand.

Our agency is available for direct client work, we are also happy to white label our services. For us, there are a number of advantages, one of those is getting interesting projects that match our existing Digital Art and Design skillsets, while being the agency behind the curtain helping other companies provide services they’d otherwise be unable to offer. So it benefits both parties

Hiring in-house designers on a paid salary are expensive, they don’t necessarily have to work at a desk either, or even in the same country. Instead, what you should do is to partner with an agency, someone like us, with bespoke skills for specific projects. We can collaborate with you on the same project.

White Label solutions to our partners

We can offer white label solutions to clients who haven’t got the in-house skills, don’t have the full experience in-house to deliver the project for a client, or resources to take on an art or design aspect of the project.

We know how important it is to have a trusted partner who provides high-quality work, constant communication, and hitting project deadlines– and we work hard to keep your client happy.

White Label Graphic designer, Illustrators, Artists for Agencies to grow your agency

If you want an amazing white label that stands out from the competition, partner and work with a professional designers. We are up to any partnership, small or big, so whether you run a small business you are a one-man army, or a larger enterprise but different niche than we are, it is not an issue for us. We are able to help you to outsource projects that you would usually have to decline.

"White-labeling won’t build your portfolio"

Whether white-labeling or working directly for an end-client, we almost always have non-disclosure agreements ( NDA ) which is for the good interest of our partners and clients;

"You don’t even get to be part of the project brief"

From our perspective, as long as the client has the appropriate knowledge to properly create a project brief, this isn’t a problem. While we’re always happy to help a client improve their pitch to the end client, it’s also fine if they choose not to involve us until after the pitch has been accepted. While there have been occasional times when We’ve turned down a project because we were uncomfortable with the way it was scoped, for the most part, we have found that it’s usually possible to shape and scale our efforts appropriately to what a client has pitched.

“You’re working so someone else can get a cut”

Some artists might not be happy about someone else is getting a percentage of the profit from the project. However, we gladly have others getting a cut of the revenue in exchange for skipping or at least short-cutting the often laborious and time-consuming process of writing multiple proposals in an attempt to win at least some of the project work. This means less time spent on bidding overhead, more time spent on billable work, and secondarily, more time for those exposure-related activities. We know how time-consuming it might be to discuss all the aspects with potential clients until the deal is made.

Your remote creative team.

Our full range of services means that your business will look and feel as if you had a large staff of designers, graphic artists, and illustrators at your disposal. This will give you a significant edge over the competition, and your small business will get much bigger before you know it. If you’re ready to grow, we’re ready to go! We do the work, you get the credit with our white labeling services.

Here are some of the top reasons our existing agency partners prefer using a design service through Webbona

More than one skilled designer

All our 20+ designers are trained in best practices for custom art services You can rely on our high standards for all your projects, or ask us to use your favorite boilerplate and preferences.

White label, we keep your secret.

You can speak proudly about working with us, but we don't expect any credit. White label digital art and design is what we do, so your product items remain all yours without a trace of us. It’s in our name.

Dependable Pricing

Our art and design service pricing is competitive and can be standardized based on your agency's needs
Clear and complete design files that are approved with a client prior to the development phase reduce the risk of scope creep and prevent clarification delays.

Avoid Project Delays

Clear and complete design files that are approved with a client prior to the development phase reduce the risk of scope creep and prevent clarification delays.

Quick Turnarounds

by outsourcing any excess work, you could focus more on marketing to drive more sales and ultimately make more revenue as a whole, we take care of the development part for you; We do our creative work and provide results effectively and efficiently so you can give your clients a fast turnaround, as well.

Complete Ownership

The end product is covered by NDA, discretion, and secrecy are part of the package, you’ll gain full copyright ownership to all products created by us so you can resell them for an excellent profit.

If you’re a company owner, director, product, or project manager, and if you’d like to discuss white labeling projects with me then feel free to get in touch for a chat.

49 inch mahogany Tokenframe NFT Display
Token Frame Display

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