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We help service-based businesses to create a website

March 9, 2022
The basis of every successful business is visibility online. If you do business in any field, it is essential to have a representative website. Why should you only get customers who are physically close to you if you can reach a much wider group of people who may be interested in your services or products?

Clean website design and responsive development

In just under 20 days we are able to launch your brand new website, but you can't just hire anyone – you have to hire the right agency. That's us. We are small team and cover all aspects, providing you the end to end website service.

The most important reasons to create a website are credibility and leads! You're not the only one on the market, right? And how many times have you bought something online or offline without first checking out the seller company's website? Your own website gives you flexibility and the power to distinguish your company!

Website main purpose is to support you in:

  • helping your marketing campaigns to get more conversion - website should fits seamlessly into your marketing concept
  • having a central hub for public - maintain an online presence. Your website is the virtual “storefront” of your business
  • attract leads or prospects with your online presence
  • communicating your offered services, features or message and reflect it to your target audience
  • integrating your website together with other applications
  • linking your accounts ( google my business, social media, etc. ) and converting the leads to generate revenue

Create a website for your business

Don't create your website from scratch yourself, you are not able to do it overnight, you are just wasting your time, instead we will build a professional website for you! We serve for small and medium businesses or startups to get their portfolio online and reach their customers easier, it helps for extra credibility, brand awareness and beat local competition.

The deliverables of your website creation can vary but mostly it includes following:

Website Project Management Deliverables

  • Project initiation phase
  • Project planning phase
  • Project execution phase
  • Communication plan
  • Project closing phase

Website Discovery & SEO Deliverables

  • Market research
  • Business discovery
  • Competitor research
  • Sitemap structure
  • Website audit
  • SEO & website strategy
  • Opportunity report

UX - User Experience Website Deliverables

  • Personas and user flows
  • Wireframes
  • Low fidelity design

UI - User Interface Website Deliverables

  • UI - user interface
  • High fidelity design
  • Prototyping

Content Website Deliverables

  • SEO copywritting
  • Conversion optimization
  • Editing & media
  • Content organization

Development Website Deliverables

  • Foundation
  • Technical execution
  • Future proofing
  • Site performance
  • Functionality testing
  • Mobility usability
  • Standard launch Items
  • Redirections
  • Speed optimization

Maintenance Administration Website Deliverables

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Webbona is not the first development or web design company out there, there are many other options you can go for to create a website, from freelancers, award winning agencies or you can do it yourself, but we are the first to over-perform in every area. Your new website will be gorgeous and more importantly generating more leads for you.

You will get valuable high standard website for really good price, you will not have to get overpriced offers from other agencies, not unfinished projects from random freelancers, we do it right, follow core standard procedures and focus on your business first to bring you results you seek.

We have zero interest in winning design awards or setting design trends like some agencies do. Our sole focus is on two things: user experience (for your customers) and profitability (for your company). It's not about us, it's about you.

The cost differs as every project is different, the website can vary from 290€ - ** *** = It all depends on your requirements

How does it work to partner with us on your website development?

We will get to know your needs

The creation of the website itself is proceeded by a thorough analysis of the client's needs and subsequent analysis of keywords. The output is a proposal for the structure of the website itself, which will be clear and focused on performance. We know that only a well-designed website will help your business grow.

We will guide you through the preparation of documents

In order for the website to be interesting for both visitors and browsers, we need to create attractive content. However, your cooperation is obligated for this. We will request necessary materials so that the preparation of documents does not waste your valuable time.

We will create a UX/UI design of the website

We will give you initial designs of the website. To give you an idea of ​​what the site will look like in the finals, once you approve it we will get to the next step - developing.

Getting your feedback

Although in the vast majority of cases, clients are satisfied with the web design, however we need to hear your feedback. We will review your comments together and adjust the website to suit you, but also the UX and SEO standards.

Website maintenance is just a beginning

By publishing a website our work does not end, on the contrary. The website needs to be regularly updated and adapted to the requirements of the time. We'll also be happy to help you with content management, site expansion, and any modifications. You can always rely on your business partner.

We offer white label services for agencies in different field but related to creating websites.

Our team tailors our web design services to your company and its unique needs. That’s why you can customize every feature of our services to your company, products or services, and goals. The result is a website that your company — and your visitors — loves.

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We take care of the integration of your website with your google analytics, google ads, google search console and google my business ( if applicable ). You will receive full ownership and administration access on the launch of your site.

Speed Optimization

The biggest factor on speed optimization is your hosting, then the way the site is built. We keep everything lightweight, we reduce the plugins at bare minimum, set up for you Content Delivery Network (CDN), optimizing the images and fonts, and use website caching out of many other steps that help your speed optimization.

Future Proofing

We have chosen the right content management system, WordPress, we do evergreen content creation so it is relevant for lengthy periods of time but editable. We limit the coding aspect and set up the website so it is always scalable. We use reliable CSS framework. We prioritize user experience and speed of the website with simplified trendy clean code design over heavy animated websites.

Technical Execution

The website must have a great Information Architecture, from technical perspective we plan your website templates, pages, post types and taxanomies and custom fields with carefully created relationships between each of them. It is all set up based on the UX and sitemap structure for future proofing and scalability.


Our blueprint for development sites consist of WordPress and Oxygen Builder, then with combination of Oxyninja or Automatics.css utility CSS frameworks it gives us full control and make your website fast, lightweight and bloat free. If there are needed custom features we have a senior full-stack developer who is super knowledgeable to scale your business to required level.

SEO Copywriting

We do great local SEO copywriting. Location website  landing pages helps you target customers who are searching either from your location or for services within your business location. Copywriting is the hardest part of website developing, why? Because the writer must adjust to UX/UI, work with available keywords, make the content conversion optimized and create super unique content. On top of it, not everybody is knowledgeable in every single industry field of there. That is one of the reason why it is most expensive part of the web design and development. That's true!


With prototyping we validate the decisions made until this point. Prototypes go beyond wireframes and graphic representations (mockups). They’re more functional and will garner keener insights from real users than the previous two stages.

High Fidelity Design

High fidelity prototypes are the most realistic and could be mistaken for the final website. We build the prototype with Figma or on the demo website.

UI - User Interface

Our goal is to predict users’ needs, so they can enjoy more personalized experience, communicating website brand values and make it likeable, and increase the overall feel of the website design.

UX - User Experience

UX design is not easy to nail on the first try as it is ever changing as the users themselves. However we follow the core UX design principles: We put the users first, keeping thee websites consistent and keeping the language the same as the website audience background, and the typography and page hierarchy not too much over-complicated with now trendy animations.

Low Fidelity Design

Rough sketches to storyboarding and allow  us to make quick changes easily. Sometimes we overlap it with medium fidelity prototypes to make it more formal, but with no colors and styling defines only user interaction.


Here we define the basic structure and layout of your website. It helps us to visual the understanding of the website service early in the design process. Wireframing is a quick way to create the rough web design, it is easier to present multiple design ideas and update them on the spot and ask for your feedback. If we skip wireframes in the design process, it will become costly to make changes at the later stages of the design, for you.

Personas and User Flows

We create few user personas that will represent a users buying your products or service. To complete these profiles we gather the available information from already conducted market research. We will refer to them in our design process to make correct design decisions so we remain focused on your users' needs, not your business needs.

Opportunity Report

Managing digital marketing campaigns depends on continuous innovation and most of the time he website is a landing page of many marketing campaigns. We provide you quick-wins to be implemented immediately to achieve better results asap or step-by-step and long term plan to guarantee the quality of all marketing efforts for your website.


SEO and Website Strategy

We can’t create a website strategy without understanding your keyword landscape. With the keyword research, we show you 3 things: Keyword Landscape - What you’re ranking on vs. your competitors. Keyword recommendations - What to target based on your organic traffic and competitor. On-page SEO recommendations - Optimize your top pages with the right keywords

Sitemap Structure

Establishing Proper Site Architecture From the Beginning is Critical. Google still needs to crawl the site. Even if you do everything right, google still relies on crawlers. And if they get stuck or confused, you lose. We plan proper structure first, it is clearly organized and have page clusters with non-overlapping topics, literal URLs, and a sensical hierarchy.

Business Discovery

Part of this service is extracting information on existing processes within your organization, it can be a very eye-opening experience that will likely uncover and helps you understand what gaps exist within your company and how you can improve them

Market Research

It can take weeks or even months to paint an accurate data, we are not research agency. For qualitative, or primary research, gives you first-hand information about your market and the customers within your market and on how the market feels about the products currently available in that market it is required that we partner with research agency or data collectors in your required location ( you need a budget for this ). We conducting only secondary research, which is mostly free to access, market research from Public sources (e.g. government statistics ), Commercial sources ( e.g; industry insights compiled by other research agencies, such trends reports and so on. ), and most importantly your own Internal source (e.g. the market data your organization already has


WordPress is probably the most well-known website creation platform in the world. It is free and open-source content management system written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database. It is a non-hosting service, so you will need to purchase one separately as well as your domain name. WordPress is used by 43.2% of all websites on the internet in 2022