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NFT Programmable Art

19th December, 2021
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Art that can evolve over time, react to its owners, or follow a stock price is now all possible with programmable art. Art where everything where "Master" layer (complete crypto art piece) and individual "Layers" ( the individual parts that form the Master image ) are tokenized separately. You can think of “Masters” as the complete crypto art piece. Meaning all parts of the artwork can be sold and owned by different people!

What is programmable art?

A unique digital art piece

The introduction of blockchain technology allowed digital artists to create unique digital art pieces. In programmable art, you can decide the parameters of your artworks and grant exclusive control over any aspect to individual collectors. You let the future collectors have the ability to change the state of the background, the position of a character, or the color of the sky. Art has become programmable, and it’s limited only by your imagination.

Art that is Programmable

Digital paintings are split into "Layers", which you can use to affect the overall image, creating living art that only the owner of the particular layer influence and determine its look, thus changing the master layer look. Programmable artwork can evolve over time.

What is crypto art?

Before we explain more, we would like to introduce you to Webbona Programmable art services, we are part of the Async artists community, Only accepted Async artists can make artwork on the Async platform.

Let's recap what crypto-backed art is, in other words, "Crypto Art". Crypto art or digital art has been around for many years. However, without the existence of blockchain technology, it was impossible to verify authenticity and rarity. Now digital art connects directly with a unique token on a blockchain. This blockchain is signed by the artist and represents the original piece. That way buyers can see how many copies of a certain artwork there are, and whether the product is original. Although anyone can still view the work we now have a record of who owns it. And since this token follows a standard it's immediately available to be viewed, bought, or sold on a number of marketplaces.

How does programmable art work?

The programmable art concept and has gone one level deeper. Beyond tokenizing a single work it allows you to tokenize the individual layers that make up your work. Vector graphics editors such Illustrator or raster graphic editors such as Photoshop let you create your media made up of layers - audio, video and it is these layers that allow you to adjust the final result. And so the programmable art is tapping into this power resulting in a single piece of art, filled with the potential to take many forms


The art pieces fall into one of two categories

  • Master


  • Layer

The master is 1on1 overall artwork and Layers are the individual pieces that stack up to create it.

Master is always looking to its layers to determine its current look. You can think of “Masters” as the complete crypto art piece. Whereas, “Layers” are the individual parts that form the Master image. Now here is where it gets interesting: everything is tokenized separately. Meaning all parts of the artwork can be owned by different people! 

You the creator or artist determine the parameters for how each Layer can change and one of the most powerful of those is called "State Change"

States are simply alternate versions that you create for any given layer. A layer can change to a different state at any time and this change will automatically be reflected on the master. Keep in mind that when a piece is sold, only the owner of that Layer has the ability to choose which State is active. You can set up unique abilities that are determined by the artist at creation. Some of these abilities include changes in state, scale, color, rotation, transparency, opacity, and more. Owners of Layer NFTs have exclusive control over these abilities and can make Layer changes to alter the visual look of the Master. This means when a collector purchases a Layer NFT they have the opportunity to directly influence the artists' work.

  • color-shifting
  • scale
  • rotation 
  • transparency 
  • and more

It all depends on what makes sense for the concept of your piece

This creates a system where a Master image becomes, quite literally the visual representation of a group's individual decisions. Essentially, the artist creates the sandbox and lets the community express themselves within it.

A New Era of Living Digital Art?

Rare Artwork

The end result is rare artwork that can evolve dynamically over time with multiple owners. Additionally, the artworks can have pre-defined state changes. Known as Autonomous Artwork where the Layers can periodically update by a server. For example, the color of the piece could turn red if the price of Ethereum drops by 50%. Or the visuals could change depending on if it's night or day.


But what if it changes were based on something other than human decisions? This is where autonomy comes in. What if layer changes were driven by time? You could create a painting where a tree grows over the course of 100 years or one that simply changes with the rising and setting of the sun, What if layer changes were driven by the stock market? or by the weather?

This type of Art is so versatile, there is no limit to it… and it creates unlimited possibilities. From an artistic standpoint, it allows you to create something truly unique.

Create smart artwork

As you can see there are limitless possibilities with Programmable art. And we truly believe this is a whole new medium for creators. So if your mind is spinning with ideas right now, join the Async Art.

Turn your art into more than images or videos. Make it programmable, easy to integrate with digital products, and ready for the future.

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