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NFT art design creation

28th November, 2021
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NFT art has been making headlines across industries for months straight. Thus, it comes as no surprise that many want to know how to create NFT art, how to sell, buy, and what not! Did you know you can hire someone to help create NFT art design?

Do you need to be an artist to create NFT art?

Not at all! If you’re not an artist but still want to create non-fungible-token art we offer NFT design services, convenient ways to design your NFT art. You can hire Webbona NFT artist to get the work done for you.

What do you need before you contact us?

All you need to do is to decide what you want to sell as NFT, that's said, you need to have a clear idea of what you want to do. You might be tempted to choose a huge series of NFT art to increase their value as NFT collectibles, or you can come up with one quality idea, one standalone token we design for you, making it even more valuable. We are professional artists able to create stunning NFT art.

We as an NFT agency can help you create your own art, only what you need to bring is a good idea, we take care of the rest. Your NFT idea for future drop should have its own personality and culture. NFT arts generally have their own storyline, values, goals, and it is all backed up with social media channels. If you’re an NFT art creator, you’re not just an artist or developer, you’re a community builder, keep this in mind.

We create digital artwork: we start by creating your unique pieces. Create your 2D, 3D arts, pixel arts, logotypes, brandmark and illustrations, designs, capture that beautiful sight, we get creative.

Benefits related to our NFT service include

You will get authorization from our agency and a written contract that ensures ownership of the commissioned artwork is handed over to you on payment. We offer you the ability to purchase commercial rights, it is a standard in Webbona Digital Art Design Agency.

Having commercial rights means you can sell multiple NFTs of the same artwork, and even sell your design on T-shirts, posters, or other merchandise which opposite to freelancers helps prevent any potential legal issues you can get into.

We firstly specialize in creating art in digital formats, and secondly, we own and sell our own digital artworks as so-called non-fungible tokens (NFT).

Our Digital NFT artists can help you with

  • Figure out what creative direction we’d like to take with your NFT project
  • Refine the chosen concepts until they meets your expectations
  • Produce your initial idea into an art
  • Creating a digital file of your future NFT art and making sure the file format is supported by your marketplace of choice.
  • Automatically transfer the ownership of the art to your hands upon payment
49 inch mahogany Tokenframe NFT Display
Token Frame Display

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