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Collection Edition 1 ( of 10 )

Memes That Have Sold As NFTs

18th January, 2022
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From 22 December, we will offer the most outstanding collections of art. A group of 10 paintings in MEME theme, meme art. The "MEMEs that have sold as NFTs" NFT drop fit in the category of meme crypto material, the First Open sale offers an extensive survey of 21st Century art for new and seasoned collectors alike.


You can’t call yourself a true legend unless you’ve seen all of these.

Although each of the 10 artworks brings the viewer inside a different imaginarium, the overall experience of this unique MEME collection offers an empowering encounter with a resilient and vital meme community.

Digital items you can truly own. Digital Items have existed for a long time, but never like this. We are proud to showcase them in our first edition.

In this Edition, we have several NFT memes based on some famous meme formats, including:

  • The meme even god can’t explain:
  • The meme I stole from the Queen:
  • The meme I watch with my last 2 brain cells
  • The meme that fill the empty void inside
  • The meme that I found at 3am
  • The meme that made me social distancing
  • The meme that make me breath manually 
  • The meme that makes my day flow:
  • The meme that protect my virginity
  • The meme that Spooky Doggo sent me

Whether you are a collector or simply a fan of meme art, we warmly welcome your participation this winter season

'Memes that have sold as NFTs' can be purchased exclusively on the platform. The featured drop will take place on December 22nd. You may make an offer prior to the official launch date.

The Collection is now open for pre-sale offers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I find Bull Wark contact information?

You can find Bull Warkt contact information on our contact page or by joining discord channel

How can I learn about Bull Wark upcoming NFT drops?

You can learn about upcoming NFT drops by browsing our event calendar. If you are interested in a specific sale, feel free to contact us.

Is there a whitelist sale?

There is no whitelist sale. Anyone will be able to purchase chosen NFT for certain amount. There is usually a pre-sale option to make an offer before the official launch of the collection.

How to buy the NFTs?

TIP: If you are new to NFTs, see this guide "Getting Started with NFT".

Please note that physical items, like oil paintings or prints, are not available for purchase.

What are the different kinds of drops?

You constantly place your bids on the NFT that you like to purchase. During the bid time, you can continuously place a higher bid. At the end of the auction, the top X highest bids will receive the NFT. You can actively see who is the highest bidder.

Silent Auction

In silent auctions, there will be a small time window (often 10 minutes) to place a bid on an NFT, which usually has multiple editions available. The bids are not revealed until the end, at which point all the NFTs are assigned to bidders in the order of highest to lowest bid until all are allocated. These can sometimes be profitable for a short-term flip if you can buy one at the low end of the bidding range. However it can be risky given the possibility of overpaying. During Silent auctions, you cannot actively see who is the highest bidder.

Open Edition
Once the sale goes live, you are able to buy an unlimited amount of NFTs until the sale ends.

Limited Edition
Before the drop, there is a possibility that there is a waitlist you will be able to join to purchase the NFT. For Limited Edition drops, once the sale is live the NFTs will be sold in numerical order based on your place on the waitlist. If there is no waitlist it will be sold on a first come first serve basis.

The sale will be complete when all of the NFTs are sold out or the drop duration ends.

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