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You can’t call yourself a true legend unless you’ve seen all of these.

Although each of the 10 artworks brings the viewer inside a different imaginarium, the overall experience of this unique MEME collection offers an empowering encounter with a resilient and vital meme community.

Digital items you can truly own. Digital Items have existed for a long time, but never like this. We are proud to showcase them in our first edition.

Below, take a look at the Edition #1 of the best finest digital art memes.

Bull wark

The Meme that protect my virginity

Some have the cute dangerous doggies, some have the can shields and the other have the pinky little ponies to cuddle when falling asleep, these memes uses all their power and fine sense of humor which won´t set you aside your path into greatness.

The Meme
that protect
my virginity

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The meme that makes my day flow

Have you ever found yourself in those days that get you through the difficult times in your daily life and you do not even realize and, or even notice how easy you accomplished your tasks and duties, the clock just flows and you feel control over everything and anything?... Well…Then, this might have sometimes, and for some of us most of the times everything to do with memes that made my day flow. You simply just look at something and then blow off a burst of laughter like you never did before. After all, it makes you realize, how laughter together with some sense of good humor makes your days flow, then, suddenly everything feels like a butterfly during a spring season.

The Meme
that makes
my day flow

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The meme I stole from the Queen

The Queen has escaped!' 'Again!? Sir, has this happened before?'
The Queen is a very well-known and respected public figure.
As Digital artists we decided to make a fine art meme out of a very well-known and respected public figure and add a humorous and silly twist to it, incorporating the queen into British humor carrying a strong element of satire aimed at the absurdity. The artist means no disrespect, only wants to make people laugh and show something serious from a lighter and humorous perspective.

The Meme
I stole from
the queen

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The meme that I found at 3am

These are the memes that cross the path of our late night hours when we are not able to fall asleep, we simply want to cheer up ourselves with that good positive mood before we finally do, after all, you realize that you stayed up way too late to watch these memes. Go to bed, you look tired! But why would you do that, when the world of memes is so much fun!

The Meme
that I found
at 3am

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The meme that spooky doggo sent me

Finally, a spooky meme it's been too long. Everyone knows some spooky stories to tell at night at Halloween parties, but do you know any ghost stories starring dogs? There is more floating around than you think! Boo! I am a scary ghost.

When it comes to getting lots of laughs, nothing beats a good meme. Dogs are also notoriously funny. There are millions of videos, photos, memes, and movies dedicated to how funny dogs can be. Sometimes words just aren't enough when it comes to accurately describe just how important dogs are to people – so here is the Spooky Doggo meme (only legends will understand).

The Meme
that Spooky Doggo
sent me

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The meme that fill the empty void in my soul

I cannot express how much I love this cat. This cute little kitten sitting on a couch wearing a birthday hat seems very disappointed and sad. She thought it will be great, but it fell short of her expectations. Poor cat, who wants to give the cat a good birthday? See, some meme can leave us touched, not only with a positive mood or pleased senses but also with positive feelings in our soul.

The Meme
that fill
the empty void
in my soul

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The meme that made me social distancing

Look, we get it. This might sound absurd. What could possibly be funny about a global pandemic that has altered the very fabric of our existence? How could anyone possibly be joking at a time like this?

Thankfully, amid the madness, one Internet asset kept many of us sane: Memes.
Humor is a medium that both distracts us from the panic of the world while allowing us to get our best and worst thoughts out of our heads and out of our chests.

As people are forced to turn to the internet for entertainment and comedians are trapped indoors with no way of performing life, the online memes will keep flowing, for better or worse.
This meme was inspired by the coronavirus topic, hopefully, it will make you chuckle.

It’s so important to stay well-rested so you can focus on washing your hands, scrolling the internet buying memes, and, of course, looking out the window.

The Meme
that made me
social distancing

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The meme that make me breathe manually

Me: Reads the MEME title
Also me: Starts manually breathing, Oh no...

Every time someone buys this meme, I got a notif, see the meme title and start breathing manually, STOP IT.
Ya know, it's kinda hard to manually breath when you're laughing.

The Meme
that made me
breathe manually

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The meme even God can’t explain

One does not simply understand all the memes. It all comes to the fact that even if we try to find the explanation or at least find some sense in these memes, after all, they all give us unexplainable thoughts and we end up without clarification. Even though we are not able to explain them, these memes bring us together with their sense of entertainment and humor.

The Meme
even God
can't explain

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The meme I watch with my last 2 brain cells

Do you ever try to focus on something really hard and find can’t? This Meme is for those times where you try to turn on your brain and it refuses to work. Literally, anyone can relate to it. So does that mean…. you’re referring to yourself as stupid?

The Meme
I watch with
my last 2
brain cells

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Memes are hard to define. You know when you see one but it's hard to explain what they are exactly besides 'funny images'. Even so, they are one of the most important methods for transferring information today. Memes that have sold as NFTs (The Edition #1) is one of the finest digital art memes currently on the crypto martket

We’re excited to share these highly coveted, inspiring artworks and collectibles with meme enthusiasts around the world.

From 22 December, we will offer the most outstanding collections of art. A group of 10 paintings in Meme theme, meme art. The "MEMEs that have sold as NFTs" NFT drop fit in the category of meme crypto material, the First Open sale offers an extensive survey of 21st Century art for new and seasoned collectors alike.

Finest MEME

The Roadmap

Now here is where things get interesting. 

This Edition is only the begining and it does not end here, our goal is long-term, our goal is to entertain and as the fans of these arts and NFT community will continue to grow we will come with new MEME NFT drops during the year and years. We also believe the best way to build and grow the story is with your help and ideas. In our Discord server, we have a channel dedicated to future project ideas and input. Let's work on the post-launch roadmap together!

What do we plan for future ( if enough support ) ?:

  • market will decide on the rarity
  • continue to entertain with quality over quantity mindset!
  • we are open to hearing your creative thoughts!


Can I make offer for the NFT art I wish to buy?

Yes, since we are on platform you may make an offer before the official launch date. You must be signed in the account in order to place offer.

How to get an exclusive art from this Edition?

'Memes that have sold as NFTs' can be purchased exclusively on the platform. The featured drop will take place on December 22.

To navigate to the Featured Drop simply click on "View Drop" in the first section of this page or navigate here.

The Featured drop will offer 10 MEMEs artworks. Each MEME art will have a fixed price "Memes that have sold as NFTs” Edition #1 Collection. You may make an offer prior to the official launch date.

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