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Christmas is coming!

The Christmas Story 2021

18th January, 2022
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A group of 11 paintings in Christmas theme. Collection highlights include one special NFT artwork named "Christmas Story 2021". The Christmas Story 2021 NFT drop fit in the category of narrated crypto material 'art', the First Open sale offers an extensive survey of 21st Century art for new and seasoned collectors alike.


The spirit and meaning of Christmas are something that we all understand but sometimes struggle to explain.

In this exhibition, you will meet a family of animals living out that spirit. For them, this is a time for giving and a time to see each other once again. Many of the family members have not seen each other in a long time and have had to come far to meet once more.

Below is a short explanation of what they are getting up to in this house over Christmas.

  • Big Brown - Bear Decorating Christmas Tree: An older bear decorates a Christmas tree, making sure to keep a special ornament safe.
  • Milton - Cat looking through window: A young cat waits for his friend to come back.
  • Kiki - Smiling Cat: A cat hides away, ready to prank one of his family members.
  • Miki - Christmas Shiba Inu Dog: A Shiba conquers his fears to help his grandfather.
  • Nanu & Sani - Golden Retrievers: Two golden retrievers struggle to take the perfect picture.
  • Samwise - Fat Cat: A cat tries to get some peace.
  • Luna - Hungry Cat: A cat finishes covering a table with food.
  • Manu - Dog and Cakes: A dog struggles to choose from all the tasty treats.
  • Nunu & Dudu - Shiba Inu Dogs: Two Shibas come up with a plan to avoid hard work.
  • Tricky - Cat who overeat: A cat struggles to make his way to the couch after overeating.

The first NFT drop 'The Christmas Story 2021', which you can view now on open for pre-sale offers, and from December 23rd open to purchase, features a cutting-edge selection of unique new artworks, pulled together by multidisciplinary artist Bull Wark.

What makes these NFTs unique?

Bull Wark artwork is of a very high quality, and most of them are crypto-centric. We use a Christmas theme and animals as character reference, creating various storylines based on friendship, and of course Christmas. Each artwork is linked to each other through the stories that we have written, making one feel that they cannot just have one — they have to collect the whole collection. Each work is hand-sketched digitally.

The artwork stories makes the viewer take another look, investigate further and have it burned in their memory forever. The idea, the concept and the story behind the work is also extremely important. Bull Wark put a lot of energy into conceptualizing his artworks.

There is one special extraordinary NFT artwork named "Christmas Story 2021".

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I find Bull Wark contact information?

You can find Bull Warkt contact information on our contact page or by joining discord channel

How can I learn about Bull Wark upcoming NFT drops?

You can learn about upcoming NFT drops by browsing our event calendar. If you are interested in a specific sale, feel free to contact us.

Is there a whitelist sale?

There is no whitelist sale. Anyone will be able to purchase chosen NFT for certain amount. There is usually a pre-sale option to make an offer before the official launch of the collection.

How to buy the NFTs?

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Please note that physical items, like oil paintings or prints, are not available for purchase.

What are the different kinds of drops?

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The sale will be complete when all of the NFTs are sold out or the drop duration ends.

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