Memes That Have Sold As NFTs

December 16, 2021
We will offer the most outstanding collections of art. A group of 10 paintings in MEME theme, meme art. The "MEMEs that have sold as NFTs" NFT drop fit in the category of meme crypto material, the First Open sale offers an extensive survey of 21st Century art for new and seasoned collectors alike.

Memes sold as NFTs

You can’t call yourself a true legend unless you’ve seen all of these.

Although each of the 10 artworks brings the viewer inside a different imaginarium, the overall experience of this unique MEME collection offers an empowering encounter with a resilient and vital meme community.

Digital items you can truly own. Digital Items have existed for a long time, but never like this. We are proud to showcase them in our first edition.

In this Edition, we have several NFT memes based on some famous meme formats, including:

  • The meme even god can’t explain
  • The meme I stole from the Queen
  • The meme I watch with my last 2 brain cells
  • The meme that fill the empty void inside
  • The meme that I found at 3am
  • The meme that made me social distancing
  • The meme that make me breath manually 
  • The meme that makes my day flow
  • The meme that protect my virginity
  • The meme that Spooky Doggo sent me

Whether you are a collector or simply a fan of meme art, we warmly welcome your participation this winter season

'Memes that have sold as NFTs' can be purchased exclusively on the platform. You may make an offer prior to the official launch date.

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