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Christmas Story 2021

December 23

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The spirit and meaning of Christmas are something that we all understand but sometimes struggle to explain.

In this exhibition, you will meet a family of animals living out that spirit. For them, this is a time for giving and a time to see each other once again. Many of the family members have not seen each other in a long time and have had to come far to meet once more.

Below is a short explanation of what they are getting up to in this house over Christmas.

Bull Wark

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Narrated by Mr. Colin Watts

Listen to the audio naratted by British male voice talent. Colins voice is natural, clear yet warm and engaging in tone.

Narrated by Ms. Alexis Healey

Listen to the audio narrated by the American, up and coming voice talent. Alexis voice is articulate, friendly and warm.

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The Christmas Story 2021

Regardless of how they got here, the home they find themselves in is as welcoming as their own. Illuminated by fairy lights and wrapped with decorations, almost looking like a present, the home itself embodies the spirit of Christmas.

In this home there are many smaller stories taking place; there are dogs struggling to get a good picture taken, a bear carefully decorating the Christmas tree, a cat waiting for his friend to arrive, and a whole lot of treats in all of them. These are only some of the stories but they are all connected by the animals within them and the bonds between them.

These animals are very excited to invite you into their home for this Christmas. Here you can explore this tinsel-wrapped home and discover more about its guests.

Let’s have a look at what they are getting up to in this house over Christmas

Big Brown
Bear Decorating Christmas Tree

An older bear decorates a Christmas tree, making sure to keep a special ornament safe.

Big Brown is surprisingly agile for a bear of his age. Most 27-year-old bears would struggle not to crush the delicately wrapped presents or shred the fragile ornaments on the splendid-looking Christmas tree. Yet, this is no problem for him.

He smiles, untangling the tinsel from his great claws, wrapping it around the tree. 'Plenty to clean up!' he chuckles, looking towards his glittering paws. A family friend, Miki, a young Shiba Inu, dashes in. 'I’ve got the lights you were looking for grandpa!' The hound, illuminated by hundreds of tangled lights, smiles, looking for approval.

Smiling, Big Brown speaks; ‘Untangle yourself first! Unless you want to be a decoration!’ Miki nods before turning towards the exit.

Big Brown turns. In front of the crackling fire rests his biggest challenge of the night - one bauble. Its silver crescent moon shimmers in the light of the flames as Big Brown lifts it with all his care. His late grandmother’s favorite.

With the dexterity of a deer, the brown bear weaves between the multicolored presents. He holds his breath, tightens his chest, and raises a singular claw to the top of the tree.

For him, the thistles of a Fir are usually an annoyance at most. Unfortunately for Big Brown, one needle pierces between his thick fur. With a jolt of pain, his hand snaps back. Big Brown feels his heart stop momentarily.

The orb tumbles and, before Big Brown can make a sound, catches and hangs itself from a sturdy middling branch.

Staring at the silvery orb, the great Grizzly stumbles back into the open couch. ‘Was decorating the tree always this hard?’

Cat Looking Through Window

A young cat waits for his friend to come back.

Milton adjusts his drooping red Christmas hat, as he gazes longingly out the window. The landscape is covered by a thick veil of snow, illuminated only by the light of a distant comet and the shifting red, blue, green, and yellow lights that adorn the Christmas tree outside.

Another cat, covered in grey fur and licking her lips, jumps beside Milton. ‘Did you see what Big Brown brought this year? It’s even better than the gingerbread from last year!’ Milton turns his sleepy brown eyes to Luna; ‘Not yet. Please leave some for me.’ he says with some doubt in his voice - Luna’s whiskers are covered with crumbs.

‘Suit yourself! she shouts, already halfway to the kitchen. Milton looks back out the window to the empty driveway. As the comet slowly streaks across the sky, leaving a trail of stardust, Milton makes a silent wish. It had been so long since he last saw his friend.

Eventually, Milton relents. The sound of laughter and the smell of sizzling meat entices him to leave his post at the window. Just as he shifts his paws, a glimmer catches his eyes.

As the car pulls into the driveway, he dashes towards the door, opening it with a forceful paw. A long smile crept across his face as he saw the cat with black fur. He was so excited to see his friend again.

Smiling Cat

A cat hides away, ready to prank one of his family members.

The living room shimmers; the warm light from the fire catches the multicolored light of the Christmas tree, illuminating it like a kaleidoscope. Beneath and behind the unfinished tree is a cat with white fur and a smile on his face. Kiki puts on the last pieces of his costume - one red nose, a golden bell, and two twigs fashioned to look like reindeer horns.

He giggles to himself as he thinks of the look on Grandfather Geroge’s face when he surprises him dressed as a reindeer. The cat listens, differentiating every footstep. Some are light and slow, some are heavier and quick.

Kiki grins as he hears what he was waiting for - slow, heavy and deliberate, these footsteps cause the room to quake ever so slightly. ‘Big Brown is coming’ he thinks to himself, preparing to pounce.

With a swift motion, Kiki lunges out from behind the tree. He gives the best approximation of a deer’s grunt his voice can manage.

Looking up, he sees nothing. He must have frightened Big Brown if he’s run away!

‘Kiki, what are you doing?’ The voice of a middle-aged cat asks, between burbs.

Kiki looks down to see, staring at him with a tilted head of confusion, his older brother, Samwise.

‘Oh sorry. It’s just, you sounded like Big Brown when you were walking.’ he mutters before realizing his mistake.

Samwise’s face contorts with offense before leaving, with Kiki rushing behind him, still laughing to himself.

Christmas Shiba Inu Dog

A Shiba conquers his fears to help his grandfather.

Miki has never dared go in the attic. The 2-year-old Shiba Inu looked up the unfolded stairs and the darkness that loomed at the top. His uncle, a mischievous Golden Retriever named Nanu, told him that a monster lived up there and that if it caught him, he would become an ornament to be hung on the tree.

Even so, the little Shiba found his courage and dashed up the stairs. Grandpa Big Brown needed the Christmas lights and he was going to get them. With a jump he arrived in the attic, illuminated only by a comet in the distance.

'On a long box, to the right', he whispered, reminding himself of Big Brown's instructions. Turning at speed, he noticed them, hanging draped over cardboard.

As he approached, he accidentally stepped on a small button and box, causing the lights to turn on in a flash of rainbow colors. In this multicolored attic, he saw what he feared most - the monster.

Tall, silvery, and shaped like a tree, it began to shake as Miki took to turn and run. Tumbling, he fell down the short flight of stairs and ran into the safety of the sitting room.

His grandfather, an old grizzly turned to the commotion.

''I’ve got the lights you were looking for grandpa!' he shouts between breaths.

‘Untangle yourself first! Unless you want to be a decoration!’ he exclaims, as Miki finally catches sight of the lights that wrapped around his body.

Nanu and Sani
Golden Retrievers  

Two golden retrievers struggle to take the perfect picture.

Nanu and Sani sat as still as possible. Maybe the seventh time would be the charm? The camera started up its timer again. 5 seconds of peace was all they needed to catch the perfect picture for their postcard.

Sani tried to look as dignified as possible. She had to hold back her laughter. Unfortunately, Nanu simply could not. As Miki trotted over to Grandfather Big Brown, the sight of his fur covered in Christmas lights made Nanu burst into a fit of laughter. His reindeer horns began to slip from his shiny golden coat before falling to the carpet.

'Oh, I don't think this one is going to work either.' Sani stated as she looked at the camera. Her disappointment with the photo was self-evident. Nanu tried to calm himself down. 'Maybe the eighth will be the best of all?' he asked, between giggles at the sight of Miki.

Sani smiled and readied the camera for one last attempt. She stared around the room. For a moment, the room seemed to be still. Big Brown was resting on the sofa. Miki had left. Milton was dashing to the door.

The camera clicked and Sani dashed over, practically bursting with relief.

'Perfect.' she sighed. Nanu relaxed, joining Big Brown on the couch.

She was glad Nanu didn't come to check. The sight of her blinking would be a little too embarrassing to bear.

Fat Cat

A cat tries to get some peace.

Samwise, wiping the crumbs from his black and white fur, gets up to his feet. Stretching out his paws and claws, Samwise yawns. 'Hmmm, that smells lovely.' he thinks to himself as the warm scent of freshly made mince pies crosses his nose. Lumbering over to the kitchen he finds his prize, radiating sweetness on the table. With a somewhat clumsy jump, Samwise manages to grab one of the pies.

With a long grin, he scoffs it down, ambling towards the toasty living room.

Something catches his attention from the corner of his eye, just as he finishes scoffing down the mince pie.

Jumping out from behind the Christmas Tree, his little brother Kiki begins to roar like a deer.

Samwise stands motionless as Kiki looks up to the ceiling. 'What just happened?' he thinks to himself as Kiki's wide and enthusiastic eyes finally meet his.

‘Kiki, what are you doing?’ he asks, genuinely perplexed.

The young grey cat shoots his gaze down and mutters beneath his breath, ‘Oh sorry. It’s just, you sounded like Grandpa Big Brown when you were walking.’

Samwise tries to gasp but only ends up burping. He considers saying something; that is until his Santa-styled belt begins to heave with every breath.

'Did I really eat that much?', Samwise thinks to himself before scrambling out of the room, with a laughing Kiki in hot pursuit.

Hungry Cat

A cat finishes covering a table with food.

Luna jumps down from the coach, knowing that Milton isn’t going to be moving from the window any time soon. With a couple of small steps, Luna is in the kitchen.

The kitchen is like a beehive; family and friends are moving around quickly with tins and trays filled with delicious food. Luna catches sight of Manu, a middle-aged dog with an ecstatic look on her face. 'What should I have first?' Manu asks, sniffing each of the treats. Luna scans the table before answering; she sees steaming mince pies, crumbling biscuits, and Grandfather Big Brown's famous gingerbread bears.

'Have some of Grandpa's gingerbread! It's amazing.' she exclaims as the scent of roasted cinnamon from the gingerbread men reaches her whiskers. Manu nods before picking one up with her mouth and dashing off.

Luna grins as the table is finally clear of people. She looks over to the oven just as a sharp sound rings throughout the room.

Dashing over to the oven, Luna looks in. They were perfect. Each piece of shortbread was solid and crumbly. With a smile, she grabs the tray to put the shortbread on.

With a yelp, Luna realizes her mistake. She forgot to put on the oven mitts! 'Ouch, ouch, ouch!' she grumbles, stumbling to the table.

Once the shortbread is in place, and the tray is back in the oven, Luna gazes over her work. The table is completely filled with lovely food.

Dog and Cakes

A dog struggles to choose from all the tasty treats.

Manu, a middle-aged dog with curly fur, loomed over the table like a hawk. This was the toughest decision of her life so far. Arrayed on the table in front of her were hundreds of desserts, each more appetizing than the last.

Manu turned her head to face Luna, a cat with grey fur that was also scanning the table's many options.

'What should I have first?' Manu asks Luna. She sniffs each of the trays filled with treats. From sugary mince pies, roasted nuts, and, most appealing of all, Grandfather Big Brown's famous gingerbread bears.

Luna's eyes lock with the gingerbread, and she smiles. With a nod, she recommends them to Manu. The currently skinny dog hops down from her chair and turns to the left side of the table. The table was excessively filled, to the point where Manu struggled to make out what she was looking for.

Sniffing about the table, she searched. She touched one plate she could not see with her tongue - it was not the gingerbread she was looking for. Looking dejected, she pushed her head up to get a better look.

With a tinge of embarrassment, she notices the gingerbread bears just one tray to the left. With a quick snap, Manu grabs the gingerbread triumphantly before trotting off.

Nunu and Dudu
Shiba Inu Dogs

Two Shibas come up with a plan to avoid hard work.

Nunu and Dudu lay strewn across the couch. The twins groan with fatigue. The twins were asked by Grandfather Big Brown to decorate the couch while he would deal with the tree.

Nunu looks over to Dudu, speaking through a piece of tinsel caught between her jaws. 'Why did we agree to do the couch? All the decorations keep falling off it.' The frustration in her voice is self-evident. This frustration only escalates when the decoration slips from her grip, flopping out behind the couch like a snake.

Dudu gives a sympathetic smile. 'Grandpa loves decorating the tree! It wouldn't be fair to make him do all the work. Especially since he's also making his gingerbread bears.' Her eyes shift over to Manu, a large dog with a gingerbread bear in her mouth.

Even so, Dudu is struggling to get her decorations to stay on the couch. That is until she has a brilliant idea.

'Nunu put your decorations up!' she exclaims with excitement. Nunu nods, happy to get them out of her mouth.

'Now sit right there!' Dudu commands, giddy as her plan comes together. As Nunu does so, she rests atop the golden tinsel, keeping it in place.

Dudu does the same, placing her paws atop a set of long golden beads.

Nunu looks surprised. 'You had a good idea!'

'All we have to do is not move at all.' Dudu explains as Nunu falls asleep. 'Shouldn't be hard.' she mutters happily.

Cat who overeat

A cat struggles to make his way to the couch after overeating.

Tricky grimaces as he looks over the pile of empty plates in front of him. Where once there were piles of sweet cakes, savory chicken, and spicy meats, now there was nothing. Manu, a dog with a curly coat, looks over to him, grinning. 'Looks like you enjoyed yourself.' she states snidely.

Tricky might have enjoyed eating the food, but he is certainly not enjoying the process of digesting it.

'I'm going to go to the coach. Sleep it off.' he says to nobody in particular, struggling to hold down a series of burps.

Stumbling down from his chair, Tricky finally feels the weight of all the food he ate. Just last year, he had promised himself he wouldn't do this sort of thing again, only to look wistfully back to the many platters still on the table.

Even so, Tricky focuses his gaze on a singular point; a well-worn cushion on the couch, just beside the fire.

However, as Tricky takes his first step, he feels the room grow in front of him. Every step feels like twenty as he forces one little paw in front of the other. As he enters the living room, he passes by Nunu and Dudu, two Shiba Inus dressed in red and white.

He arrives at the couch. He jumps with a leap that feels weighed down by all the food he ate and, as he arrives at his resting spot, promptly falls asleep.


The NFT world has been built by a dynamic community producing incredible art with sublime creativity, pushing the art world into new territory.

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Big Brown - Bear Decorating Christmas Tree

An older bear decorates a Christmas tree, making sure to keep a special ornament safe

Milton - A Cat looking through the window

A young cat waits for his friend to come back

Kiki - Smiling Cat

A cat hides away, ready to prank one of his family members

Miki - Christmas Shiba Inu Dog

A Shiba conquers his fears to help his grandfather

Nanu and Sani - Golden Retrievers

Two golden retrievers struggle to take the perfect picture

Samwise - Fat Cat

A cat tries to get some peace

Luna - Hungry Cat

A cat finishes covering a table with food

Manu - Dog and Cakes

A dog struggles to choose from all the tasty treats

Nunu and Dudu - Shiba Inu Dogs

Two Shibas come up with a plan to avoid hard work

Tricky - Cat who overeat

A cat struggles to make his way to the couch after overeating

The Christmas Story 2021

Foundation NFT Artwork + Voiceover

The Roadmap

Now here is where things get interesting. 

The story of the 12 firends does not end here, our goal is long-term, our goal is to entertain and as the fans of these arts and NFT community will continue to grow we will come with seasonal stories during the year and years. We also believe the best way to build and grow the story is with your help and ideas. In our Discord server, we have a channel dedicated to future project ideas and input. Let's work on the post-launch roadmap together!

What do we plan for future ( if enough support ) ?:

  • mini animated movie series
  • market will decide on the rarity
  • expand the story and publish a fantasy book
  • continue to entertain with quality over quantity mindset!
  • we are open to hearing your creative thoughts!
Can I make offer for the NFT art I wish to buy?

Yes, since we are on platform you may make an offer before the official launch date. You must be signed in the account in order to place offer.

What makes these NFTs unique?

Bull Wark artwork is of a very high quality, [and] most of them are crypto-centric. We use a Christmas theme and animals as character reference, [creating] various storylines based on friendship, and of course Christmas. Each artwork is linked to each other through the stories that we have written, making one feel that they cannot just have one — they have to collect

The artwork stories makes the viewer take another look, investigate further and have it burned in their memory forever. The idea, the concept and the story behind the work is also extremely important. Bull Wark put a lot of energy into conceptualizing his works.

There is one special extraordinary NFT which include a voice-over of the story. Available in two version : male and female voice.

How to get an exclusive art from this Collection?

"The Christmas Story 2021' can be purchased exclusively on the platform. The featured drop will take place on December 23.

To navigate to the Featured Drop simply click on "View Drop" in the first section of this page.

The Featured drop will offer 11 Fine Artworks. Each Christmas art will have a fixed price "The Christmas Story 2021” Edition #1 Collection. You may make an offer prior to the official launch date.

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